21 days Lock down learning plan for Traders

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The time what we are facing right now is life’s lemons. We all are locked in our home for at least 21 days. So, one can utilize these 21 days for learning new skills that may help you in your day to day trading.

Count it in this way, you have 21 days and 21 lemons, take one lemon each day squeeze and make it a lemonade. You might be confused what I mean, right? Well, I mean you have 21 days, so you can learn at least one trading skill each day that if summarize, you will have the 21 new skills or learning at the end of the lockdown.

The idea seems interesting because learning a skill each day, not a big deal as we will have too much spare time with us. But the question is what will you learn or from where do you start?

To solve this problem, I am listing all the trading related post one place that is in this post so you can start it anywhere and you will not face much problem in finding them. One-click and posts are with you. You can bookmark this page as our team will regularly update this page if we get any new thing for learning.

Here it goes:

If you are a beginner and want to start your trading, this post may help you:

The Basic Candlesticks patterns that you are interested to know:

Apart from these candlestick patterns, you might love to learn about the market trends and the gap theory:

The Market is falling like an apple from a tree. Perhaps, you look for some investment opportunity, then this post can guide you.

For a trader, his trading system plays a vital role in is profitability, here are some trading strategies which might help you in building your own system for trading.

2nd Candle Open range Break out Strategy

The Option Trading Basics

The Option Trading Advance

Open Interest Analysis

Trading Psychology that you also need to build:

Do You Need Inspiration? These pro traders can help you with that:

This is a small effort to make your lockdown upright. Just take one post a day and you will positively see some change in you. This post will be updated from time to time if we get some new learning for you. So, keep it bookmarked and suggest us what you want to be included in this. My team will act actively to incorporate that in.

Any questions hovering in your mind? The comment box is for you. Post your questions or suggestions there, we will reach to you sure.

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