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Can a software engineer become a good trader? Can a software engineer, develop enough knowledge that needed to remain profitable in the share market? Can a software engineer successfully trade Index Options?

You can find these answers in the trading journey of Chandrasekharan who is a software engineer, now a very good trader. He loves to trade index options. In other words, he is a software engineer by profession, but a trader by heart.

Born in Chennai but spent his life in different places. Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons, he is now a profitable trader. As he has gained the trading knowledge with meeting different people at various places. Though, he was confused about being a trader or an engineer and finally choose to walk the trading path while continuing with his job.

Graduated from NIT Kurukshetra, currently working in Hyderabad, Chandrasekharan is here to share his own journey in his own words. This story is going to be inspirational for every software engineer or working professionals who are struggling to be successful traders. 
We will like to thank him for sharing the journey with every one of us.

Journey Begins

I started as a pure investor, with no knowledge and simply buying shares purely based on their names, some were lucky, some were not. I still managed to get a decent 20% return yearly.

Then, I wanted to try my hand in trading so I started buying stock/Nifty Options and slowly wiped off my entire investment amount. I didn’t learn from his mistakes and returned to the market with a revenge mindset and kept wiping off my accounts a few more times.

Then, I was introduced to the TTL group (a traders’ group on telegram) and started with some analysis. I was still wiping off my funds, but the group helped me to understand how markets work.

Earn or Learn
Once, I have realized gains of roughly 1-2 lakhs. I was hungry for more profit and wiped off my account, especially on Banknifty option on many expiry days. Then, I shifted my focus to learn the game and slowly turned myself into a profitable trader.

Emotional Challenges
Controlling emotion on Index options trading is the most difficult thing, especially on expiry, I have simply stopped trading options on expiry days, pre-define targets on the daily basis, once targets are hit ideally one should stop trading, however, I simply reduce my trading city by 80-90% so that I don’t risk my profits.

The role of mentor

I am not a good reader. Still, I do check the internet to understand Indicators/strategies/Patterns on how they work and check on entries and how to trades. Google is my best friend in learning something. I met a few excellent traders in the group. Dr Kranthi Raj, Ajay and Karthikeya from TTL group are my mentors. I have learned the evergreen doc strategy from Doctor, and I have learned how to maintain trades like profit booking, Stop-loss booking, learnt more of psychology from the other two people. 

Trading Strategy

Initially used to run around for strategies, the important thing is to know your positives and negatives of your strategy and faith in your trades and as Doctor Kranthi Raj used to say, it is better to do 1000 trades on a single strategy than 1 trade on 1000 strategy. More than strategy, mindset is important in trading, somewhere during your trading cycle one has to develop their own strategy and has to understand that you are responsible for your own profits and losses.

You are only as good trader as your strategy.

I usually keep booking my profits, especially in intraday stock trading as reversal comes thick and fast, important to keep a profitable trade to remain in profits by end of day.

Profit is the ultimate motive, so never lose it.

 The journey never ends

I am enjoying this journey as a trader. I want to be sustainable and to make a sustained profit and small losses. Gradually, I will focus on building a versatile portfolio and I see the investment as a sustainable source of income. I focus more on option trading and start with Intraday equity trading as a newbie, the option is very lucrative, but one bad trade could wipe out even a month’s profit. 

I advise to all newbies to keep emotions in check, if you feel trade not going in your direction, don’t hesitate to book losses as it could become huge, and averaging is the worst thing that can happen if one does option trading.

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  1. Great learning brother, I am also going in loss and want to learn some good strategies for becoming profitable. Can you help me to get my aim...

    1. We will upload some strategies soon. You can follow our blog for latest updates. Thank You for taking time out and comment!

    2. Here you can read some trading Strategy.


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