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Nifty and Bank Nifty Analysis for 15th April 2020

Nifty and Bank nifty remained sideways on Monday. Both the indices opened flat and started correcting from the first tick. Bulls and bears were unable to decide the direction of the market so got choppy. Now, we will do the analysis of nifty and bank nifty based on OI, Change in OI, India VIX and Trend cycles for 15th April, 2020.

Bank Nifty Option Front
Bank Nifty has given closing at 19488.0 on spot on 13th April 2020. On the options front, maximum Put open interest was at 18,000 followed by 17,000 levels, while maximum Call OI was at 21,000 followed by 22,000 levels. The OI positions are scattered at various strike rates, indicates the volatility can remain in the market. Major put writing has been seen at 19500 and 19500 marked the major call writing.

Trading Range Of Bank Nifty
Now time to find out the trading range of the bank nifty. For this purpose, we need to look for the highest call OI Row and Highest Put OI Row on the option chain of the Bank Nifty. Trading range seems to be 18000 to 21000.

1. Highest Call at 22,000. 
2. Highest Put at 18,000. 
3. Pivot Level at 19,500.

Highest call acts as the highest resistance and highest put acts as the highest support for the Nifty and bank nifty. Pivot level is the level that bulls and bears don’t want to let it go easily. Tug of the war goes around the pivot level between bulls and bears generally.

Trading Range Of Nifty
Nifty has given closing at 8993.85 at spot on 13th April, 2020. On the options front, maximum Call OI was at 9,500 and then 10000 levels while maximum Put OI was at 8,000 and then 8,500 levels. The OI positions are scattered at various strike rates, indicates the volatility can remain in the market. The trading Range of the Nifty is between 8,000 and 10000.

1. Highest Call at 9500. 
2. Highest Put at 8,000. 
3. Pivot Level at 9000.

India Vix
India VIX closed at 51.45 level with 3.45% gain. A higher VIX around 50 level suggests that volatile swings could continue in the market. Volatility has to cool down from the higher levels and only then the Indian market could see stability and have a smooth ride. However, Volatility has been started cooling from higher levels.

It is sustaining above the maximum on Box Plot into outlier data on the daily scale and thus volatile swings may continue in the coming days. If you wonder what Box Plot is and how it works, you can check here details.
Nifty and Bank Nifty Trend Cycles
Bank Nifty Trend Cycles
Nifty Trend Cycles


The OI scattered here and there that indicates volatility will be there in the market. Some cooling has been seen today in VIX, if VIX continues to cool down, it will help the market to form a bottom. However, volatility is still high in the market. Trend Cycles are forming a long unwinding and Long cycles. These cycles indicates the bullish trends if indices breach the pivot level, we can see the move.
Disclaimer: The analysis has been prepared for informational and educational purposes only. It is not and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation regarding any particular security or course of action.
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