How can I successfully earn money by trading options of NIFTY? Which is the best strategy which can make money most of the time?

Nifty is very liquid index so if you are options trader in it, definitely help you to make money in it. Considering, you are an option buyer.
First, you need to understand the Moneyness of an option
  1. In the money
  2. At the money
  3. Out the money
If you are trading at the starting of the expiry then better you go for out the call or put.
If you are middle of expiry you should go for in the money option or at the money option.
During the expiry, you should go for deep in the money.
Now question is what to buy put or call? How one can understand? The answer lies in the option chain if you analyze option properly then definitely you make money. You need to track the OI changes in option. These OI changes decides the direction of the market. 

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