India Fights against Corona Virus (Covid19)

Corona Virus

I know this is an off-topic as we are Stock Market centric, but there is no important topic than Covid-19 at this time. Covid19 is a pandemic now and spreading
exponentially in India as well. We have more than 600 confirmed cases in our Country.
This post is about the contribution to our country and society. I would request everyone to come forward and donate for Coron19 prevention in Pradhaan Mantri National Relief fund. Here is the link where you can see more details on this. Even all corona related details are available here such as a helpline, do and don’t.
What is coronavirus?
The coronavirus is a family of viruses that can cause a range of illnesses in humans, including the common cold and more severe forms like SARS and MERS which are life-threatening. The virus is named after its shape which takes the form of a crown with protrusions around it and hence is known as carnivorous.
How did the recent outbreak occur?
The recent outbreak of coronavirus is believed to have occurred in a market for illegal wildlife in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. Chinese health authorities and the WHO are investigating the outbreak of the recent coronavirus.
Is the recent strain fatal?
Since it's a new strain, there is no specific vaccine that can treat it. However, according to the WHO, "many of the symptoms can be treated & therefore treatment based on the patient’s clinical condition". However, it has already killed over 8000 globally.
How is India responding to the outbreak?
India has expanded screening of international travellers. Few Indian travellers who were found with the coronavirus strain have been isolated and treated before their release.
How has it affected the economy?
Worries are mounting that prolonged quarantines, supply chain disruptions and a sharp reduction in tourism and business travel could weaken the global economy or even cause a recession.
Do the five and help stop Covid19

1. Hand was often
2. Cough into your elbow or wear mask
3. Don’t touch your face - nose, eyes, mouth
4. Maintain Social distancing
5. Stay home - Something is going on Social media like: Rest at Home or Rest in peace!

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